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About DDF

Delhi Design Festival (DDF) is a LIVELY, RICH and a DEMOCRATIC platform to share, exchange, experience, learn, build new collaborations and facilitate dialog between Design professionals, People, Policy Maker, Civic Agencies and industry. It’s a celebration of Indian Design & serves as a showcase of Indian Design to the world.

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Design enabled citizen-centric Digital India

The choice of the theme is not accidental. Digital technologies have already transformed our lives, how we work, interact, communicate & transact. Vision for Digital India is in making. The Conference will serve as a platform to discuss how design can help in making a Citizen-centric DIGITAL INDIA?

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100% Future of India

Devoted to promotion of young and talented Indian designers. Show windows to present work of student and young designers! Various events including Design Challenge, Battle of Campus, Design Showcase and Young Designers etc. will be included under this.


Design Republic

Exploring design interventions that can help the people, cities and create design culture that can get embedded in everyday life. Events like Design District, City Installations, Design in Action workshops,etc. will be organised through "Open call for Events".

City Culture & Design

A forum for people to participate in developing and discussing their cities and its culture. Various activites including exploring the design footprint of the city, Design/heritage walks, mapping the craft culture of the city etc. will be organised as pre and during festival.

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Startups are the new culture and lot many young people are choosing the path of entrepreneurship through the startups. Launch Pad is an event especially focused on providing platform to new design ideas and design strategy support to startups. Activities and evenents such as startup showcase, startup clinics and launch Pods will be organised during DDF.

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Sattelite Events

Apart from a Core event which will take place in Delhi, there would be many local activities spread across the various locations with the NCR region and other parts of the country.

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Design Social

Networking, Collaboration, and Entertainment!
Cultural, Music, Bands, Performances, Awards Nights and Parties all will be included as part of Delhi Design Festival!

Get Involved!

DDF is a lively and democratic platform and believes that cooperations and collaborations are critical for any successful event. We are looking forward to everyone involvements to make this event possible and successful. You can suggest/propose events, you can become our partners, sponsor us or come and join us as volunteer whatever way you would like to get involved.