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About USID Foundation

Universal, Sustainable, Inclusive Design for social change

USID Foundation (Universal, Sustainable, Inclusive Design for social change) is a not for profit forum to evangalise design as a tool for making social change and social impact. It is a forum to evangalise the power of design in improving the quality of life and overall socio-economic development of all the people irrespective of their socio-economic, literacy and geographical condition and especially those who have been left out. Since its beginning, USID Foundation has successfully organized many events including India's first 3 days Conference in Design Thinking and User Experience Domain, Gurukul, Gurukul in School, Eco-system Exploration of Rural India, Design Challenges, Startup & Academic Showcase, Innovation JAM, UX Design Awards and organising skill development and training focusing on IT & DIGITAL LITERACY, SKILL DEVELOPMENT for the people coming from low income and low literacy population there by enabling their SOCIAL, ECONOMIC AND DIGITAL EMPOWERMENT.


USID Conference

India's first 3 days User Experience & Design Thinking Conference...

The USID conferences are gathering of thought leaders, professionals, researchers, academicians, industry and other stakeholders to share and discuss how design can contribute to socio-economic development of the nation and the people. It serve as an opportunity to listen to thought leaders & Learn from them, debate & discuss thoughts, the future trends on a specific theme identified for each year's conference. USID Conferences are being successfully organised since 2007


USID Gurukul

Collaborative & Immersive Learning experience...

Gurukul is an inspiration taken from "Gurukul", a school concept from the ancient times in India and offers opportunities to shishyas (students) from the varied fields including design, technology, management and social sciences to learn under the mentorship of accomplished practitioners, researchers, academicians and professionals through an immersive learning experience of Exploration, Experience, Collaboration, Learning and Creation by working on a social challenge/issue. The first Gurukul event was started in 2010 in partnership with IIT Kanpur.


Gurukul in School

Taking Design Thinking to School...

Gurukul in School is series of two days to weeklong workshops for school children and school teachers to introduce problem solving skills trough Design Thinking Methodology. School children from over 25 Schools participate in these workshops. The initiative also engages with the school teachers to help them use Design Thinking as part of their teaching and learning process.


Eco-system Exploration of Rural India

Understanding Rural & Interior India by Road...

A road journey, travelling on the interior roads and not just highways covering many villages, remote areas and small towns spreading across couple of states is a good way to explore the eco-system and understand the people, culture and their challenges. Each of these exploration journeys goes for around 7 to 12 days capturing exploration in form of interviews, photo and video documentation.


USID Design Challenge

Platform to Showcase & Reward for Young Design Talent ...

Design Challenge is an annual design competition organised for the design and technology students and professionals to work on a specific social challenge or issue and showcase their talent to enable technology through design to deliver products and services which can make a positive social impact and helps enhancing the quality of life of people. The winners are awarded with handsome prizes and other rewards.


Startup Showcase & Innovation JAM

Enabling Innovation & Entrepreneurship Culture...

Startup showcase & Innovation JAM's are USID’s attempt to provide a platform for next generation Indian startups to demonstrate world-class design and user experiences led business leadership. We strongly believe that Indian startups need to differentiate themselves through signature, high impact, effective user experiences that are as productive as they are aesthetically pleasant. Experiences that delight customers improve quality of life and support user goals.


Academic Showcase

Brining Academic Projects to Life...

There are lots of good projects done by the students as part of the academic curriculum but remains with in the lockers and libraries of that institution and never come out in public. Through Academic Showcase initiative, we select some of the projects, which have high potential for realization and offer a platform to the students of those projects to present the same to the industry, civic agencies and potential funding agencies for possible realization.


USID Education & Training

Enabling Inclusion & Employment through Skill Development...

Literacy and Skill development are critical elements for socio-economic development of any society. USID Foundation continue its efforts on organising workshops and training programs focusing on digital and financial literacy & many other skill development for the people from the low income and poor population especially for women for their socio-economic development